Saturday, January 10, 2015

A letter to my 5 year old boy

In just a few hours, Carter, you will be FIVE! We celebrated you with a Pirate and Popcorn party. Your choice of course. I love that you are becoming so independent and decisive in your life. You are confident and hard-headed, snugly and rough, hilarious and so serious. Boy are you smart!
Five years ago, buddy, you made me a mom. You made us a family. Although we've always talked to you about how you came to us, I think you are starting to grasp/question it. The other day when your dad and I were talking in the car about our hope of adopting another boy or girl, I couldn't contain myself when you said, "Hold on just a minute here! So you're telling me I'm adopted? Cats and dogs are adopted." I know you'll have lots of questions as you figure this out-but know one thing-my goodness, you are loved! By me. By Dad. By Rachael. By all our families and friends. By God. You are blessed, my boy.

So, as you are sweetly snoring next to me, I want to write randoms that I don't want to forget or that I want you to know. Here goes:

You hated snuggling for 4 1/2 years. All of the sudden you can't snuggle enough. I'm in heaven. You hold on with both arms and occasionally pat my arm or back. You rub my hair with your hands. You play with my hair. You come into whatever room I am in and sing, "Snuggle time, snuggle time!"

You like my singing. One day you won't. I promise.

When you sneak into our bed at night, you still jab those little toes of yours into my legs just like you used to as a baby. I'd have bruises from those toes!

Every -ed word sounds like -ted: playted, watchted, drinkted. When I try to correct you, you counter argue and think you are completely correct. It's that inherited stubbornness I've been hearing about...

Power rangers, ninja turtles, hot wheels.

I've never been as happy as I am being your mom. The wait was worth it because God picked out the perfect one for us. Praise Him!

Happy birthday, bubaloo!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Too quickly

"Time will fly," they say. "Don't blink." Whoever they are...they're right.  I can't believe how fast you are growing up. Just last month you turned 4. FOUR! With our ninja turtle masks on, we played and sang, ate spaghetti, and opened up toys that screamed, "I'm not a baby anymore!!!" Remote control cars and planes, electronic dinosaurs, Hot Wheels, and a scooter fill our living room.

Why am I writing this now? After almost a year and a half of no stories. Lost memories?

Because right now, Carter, you are snuggled up next to me in the big bed after asking, "Can I sleep with you for just a lil bit?" We know you really mean all night. We can't say no. I love seeing your sweet face dreaming. Even though you told me a second ago, "No I don't want to snuggle," and "Mom, get off! You're laying on my Spider-Man monster truck," these are treasures I'm storing up in my heart.

I love you more than I could ever express.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Meeting Santa

I debated this year whether or not to do the whole "Santa-thing" with Carter. He had no idea who he was when we said his name and u thought of all the trouble it would cause us in the future. My nephews always learned that Santa was once a kind, giving person and that mommy and daddy kept his legacy alive by playing Santa. I thought that was a good option....

Well, Santa won! Here's Carter meeting the Claus's. He's all boy!! Geez...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanks, Aunt Maam!

Each and every November, I spend the month reminding myself of all the things and people to be grateful for. I do this by posting on Facebook something or someone that I consider to be a blessing. It's not difficult-I often have to narrow it down to what I was MOST grateful for that day. There were many times this month that I wanted to write about a special lady in Carter's life. I think she deserves more than a quick, "Hey, thanks!" on Facebook. So....I'll give her a blog post:)

Pam (Aunt Maam to Carter) is a GREAT friend of mine. As I was serving as Youth Director at our church, I was lucky enough to have her kids in the youth group and she was my Super Mom. Need cookies? Yep, she could do that. Need a chaperone? Of course! Need someone to drive the toboggan so that we didn't have to carry it? You betcha! Our families spent a lot of time together and they quickly became our family up here.

Before Carter was baptized, we took the job of finding someone to help him grow in his faith seriously. We went through a list of people who we felt would make wonderful Godmothers or Godfathers for him. The person had to have a strong, active faith. As I never really knew my own very well, I wanted someone who could be part of his daily life. It was an easy decison for us- my sister, Kearstyn, and Pam would be the lucky ones.

As awkward as it was, I asked her in the middle of the produce aisle at Meijer. Yep. That's how I roll!

Carter is so blessed to have to woman and her family in his life. She has taken her roll above and beyond the call of duty. Carter gets to spend most Sunday evenings with her watching movies or baking cookies while we are at youth group. He would much rather spend every waking second with her son, Eric than at home with us. She and her daughter, Allison are our go-to babysitters and do so sometimes without even being asked (like when the flu hits). Last December, she left a note that talked about Jesus, Heaven, God's love, etc. and a small gift in a Christmas mailbox EVERY DAY until Christmas. Seriously!

More importantly than the giving and doing, that family loves him as much as we do. Carter is so blessed to have her....

and I am too!

Thanks, Aunt Maam!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Fun

Tonight, as we were playing out in the backyard, Travis brought up something that almost reduced me to a pile of soggy, joyful tears.  We were playing and laughing and "ROAR"ing each other when he said, "Carter, you are the joy we needed!"  How true that is.  Before the gift of Carter, we were a couple-not a family.  We knew we were missing something huge.  This little boy has brought so much love and joy into our home.  God is so good!!!

Carter loves his sandbox and asks after dinner each night to go outside to play in it.  He also talks about fast cars and dinosaurs nonstop.  We watch the movie Cars at least once a day and Carter can tell you the names of the T-Rex, Stegasaurus, Triceratops, and Brachiosaurus.  ALL BOY!

After each and every question that is asked, he will point to his cheek and say, "Ummmm....Uhhhhh..." and then answer.  I think it is adorable!

This boy LOVES airplanes.  We need to take him to an airport to watch the planes come and go.  It would keep him busy for days!  The guys were acting like airplanes in the yard.

Before we went inside for the evening, Carter and mommy spun in circles until we were dizzy.  It is a guaranteed way to get a belly laugh out of him:)

I love you so much, my little dinosaur!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Long Overdue Update

I am smitten with this little man! From the very beginning, I have repeated over and over, "This is my favorite age!" 2 1/2 is no different.
Carter and I had a wonderful summer. I am so blessed to have those weeks to share morning snuggles, non-rushed breakfast, and more naps than I care to admit. We spent a lot of time at the lake, hanging out with friends, and going on mini adventures.
Because I write this blog mainly to help remind me of all the cute things Carter does (an online baby book sort of) I want to jot down a few Carterisms I don't want to forget:
He'll say, "Hey mom. Guess what? I love you!"
His bedtime prayer goes like this: " Dear Jesus, thank you for friends, mommydaddycarter, blanket, fan..." and basically everything else he sees.
He loves to act like a t-rex.
He likes me to sing "You are my Sunshine" and asks me why the sunshine goes away.
He sometimes calls our pastor Jesus.
Carter is quick to point out the moon and stars and will tell you that God made them.
My favorite thing about Carter is that he loves everyone. He will chat and share hugs with anyone who asks.

I am soooooo lucky to be this boy's mom!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A really ridiculous amount of photos

It's been awhile...
Carter has turned two and had a Thomas the Train party.
We went on vacation to Pensacola Beach, stopping at the Indy Children's Museum on the way.
We celebrated Easter with Carter telling us that Jesus died on the cross so we could go to Heaven.
Above all, we have been going to the library, playing outside, and visiting with friends.
It is a wonderful time to be Carter!!!